Signs are how we stand out in the world. They are how we attract people, customers to us – to our business. A shop without a sign cannot be found when it’s being looked for, let alone be stumbled upon by a passer-by who happens to be in the market for what we’re selling.

Signs sell!

And if you don’t know what you are looking for, let us know – we like to help.

Below you will see a catalogue of some of the signage types we offer, have a browse. If you know exactly what you want but don’t see it below, please tell us.

LED halo backlit signage

Stainless steel face
Brushed gold finish
30-40mm thick
Acrylic Illuminate

3-D Letters

Stainless steel frame (can be painted (any color) or un painted)
Opal acrylic LED illuminated face
PVC backboard
Stainless steel outline is visible on the illuminated face

Non Illuminated Signs

Available in:
Brushed stainless steel letters signs
Bright gold, chrome plated stainless steel
Bright silver, chrome plated stainless steel

LED Frameless Letters

Stainless steel frame (cannot be seen from face of sign)
Opal acrylic illuminated face (LED lit)
PVC backboard